Essay on COVID-19🦠😷(Corona Virus) in english

Essay on Coronavirus in English 250-500 Words.🦠😷

Essay on COVID-19🦠😷(Corona Virus) in English (about 250-500 words) for class-9,10, 11,12.



🔸Symptoms of Coronavirus

🔸Prevention of coronavirus

🔸Origin of Coronavirus 


Essay on Covid 19 in English :-

💮Introduction:- Corona Virus which is commonly known as COVID-19 is an infectious disease that causes illness in the respiratory system in humans. The term Covid 19 is sort of an acronym, derived from “Novel Corona Virus Disease 2019”.

COVID-19 is a new virus that is impacting the whole world badly as it is spreading primarily through contact with the person. It is spread from person to person among those in close contact within 6 feet.

💮Symptoms of COVID-19:- The most common symptoms of this viral infection are fever, cold, cough, bone pain and respiratory problems. Apart from these symptoms like loss of smell or taste can also be seen in Corona Virus patients.

💮Prevention of COVID-19:-  Thus, the emphasis is on taking extensive precautions such as extensive hygiene, regularly washing of hands with sanitizers or soap, avoidance of face-to-face interaction, social distancing, and wearing a mask, etc.

💮Origin of Coronavirus:- Coronavirus (or COVID-19) was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan city of China. In March 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the Corona Virus outbreak a pandemic.

Due to Corona Virus, the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced nationwide lockdown. As a result, in India, all educational institutions and almost every commercial establishment had to be shut down.

Thousands of migrant workers were walking in their native places. Indian millions of migrant workers had to deal with the loss of income, food shortages, and uncertainty. This Coronavirus creates drastic effects on the daily life of citizens, as well as on the global economy.

💮Conclusion:- All the governments, health organizations, and other authorities are continuously focusing on identifying the cases affected by the COVID-19. With the world facing the coronavirus crisis, the pandemic has wreaked havoc and altered human lives forever.

Yet, in times like this, hope is a powerful healer. Mankind stands united in its struggle against the Covid 19 pandemic and life will surely triumph.

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